2013 Brandon Sanderson — Lecture 2: The Problem with New Writers (1/8)

all right um so how’re you guys doing did you get your hoo-hoo got at least 1000 words written last week that should be all of you okay does anyone get the two to three thousand that I suggested okay most of you good some of you didn’t that’s okay I hope your auditors ah I’m pretty serious about this doing it hard your first few few weeks is going to be very good for you getting a lot done getting momentum going because you’re going to hit all these things like midterms and all of that stuff and you know your roommates gonna get engaged and all this crazy stuff is gonna happen or you’re gonna get engaged that happens too sometimes hopeful only once per person but you know it happens life catches up with you and so keep up on your writing get ahead if you can you can theoretically do the bulk of the work for this class in your first month if you want to and then just basically be done I’ll then you have to do is route read people’s writing as they submit him to a writing group and polish off one 2000 word chunk at the end of the semester you could be basically done with this class in a few weeks if you really want it to be all right that doesn’t happen very often in classes so take advantage of it find yourself a seat on the floor or wherever it’s fine and there’s though there’s a chair over there you’re welcome to have that one so yes get ahead does anybody have any questions about the class or the coursework or anything like that no we all have it down that’s good all right let’s talk about writing stories as I said last week kind of view a story as I was talking about this big tall one yes okay plot setting and character and conflict is the glue that binds us all together that’s what your story is gonna be about these things for a really great story you are looking for places where the conflict where you can create conflict between these things either between characters or between the character and the setting or between you know the character and the plot these are things that just keep an eye out for all right we’re gonna talk a little bit about world building today the trick about talking about world building is I honestly feel this is the most important thing to telling most stories there is a subset in which this is the most important thing this is never the most important thing all right almost never maybe some conceptual stories and yet this is the thing that defines science fiction and fantasy as a genre right this is our this is our thing this is what we do the issue with this is you know we’re reading science fiction and fantasy because we like the setting but we’re finishing books because we like the characters in the plot and this kind of um sort of conflict if you will between this idea is that new writers what they tend to do is they tend to spend a lot of time on this to the detriment of this and this so the point that your stories your boring number one problem with new writers of science fiction fantasy is that they overload on this and then they have a dull story all right this is this is because again we read the genre because of this really good setting is important and ideally in a great book you’re gonna do all three of these things equally well alright I don’t want to downplay setting setting is awesome setting is all the things that make us read the science fiction elements the spaceships the space battles the magic the all of these wonderful things you know that drew us to this genre in the first place but you’ve got to be careful and we’re going talk about learning to be very careful and how we address our setting and how we get it across to people today because as I’ve said before the grand skill for a science fiction or fantasy writer is the ability to do this in an unobtrusive way awesome setting unobtrusively if you can learn to do that your story will be way more awesome than if you don’t do that and if you don’t do that it’s very obvious quite early on hi so we’ll let him get situated sorry you got kicked out are you in the class for real are you an auditor you’re for real okay auditor give up your seat for this person come on particularly if you’re an auditor who isn’t actually registered as an auditor in the class and just kind of sitting in here thank you you can go find a chair and bring it in I know there are some of you that that aren’t actually even officially in the class we prefer that you audit but I don’t want to take role every week so I’m not gonna find out so but if you are one of those people I would appreciate if you find yourself a seat and bring it in so that each week so that there are seats for the people who are taking the class and things like that we may eventually want to like have people sit by their writing groups so that that that table is assigned to them and they know where they can sit and things like that so my classes tend to get pretty crazy this will not be a problem starting next year that doesn’t really help for you starting next year we’re going to get an auditorium and things and whatnot but okay so that intent that that’s sort of a conflict right I mean you read this because of this stuff yet you’ve got to have great characters in plot on the x where plot is going to go in to overshadow there are some stories that we would call plot stories the whodunit is often the plot can be a little bit more important it really depends the balance between these two is gonna depend on your story the type of story a lot of epic fantasy tends to be more focused here a lot of ideas stories and science fiction tend to be more focused here but it doesn’t really matter I mean if you read go read Asimov you’ll see stories we’re kind of takes the the forefront but if you read most of the fantasy from the the 80s and 90s you’ll see the character-driven stories there anyway

5 Tips for College Essays

hey everyone its Logan welcome back so today is August 2nd 2016 which means that the college application season is upon us so now that the common application is open and ready to be submitted it’s time for you to start thinking about writing those essays in order to help you out a little bit with the brainstorming process and actually writing the essays I’ve decided to share with you a list of five tips that I have that might help make this process just a little bit easier for you number five is start early since the common application is now open you can start browsing through all of the different essay topics so you can see what areas of your life you might want to talk about in these different essays and what I like to do is open in a separate document maybe in Google Docs and put the essay topics in there so that you can start putting your essay in your Google Doc and constantly be updating it and changing it but it is important that you start with something right now even if it is just a very rough draft ultimately the more time you have to work on these essays the better they’re going to be in the end there’s nothing wrong with starting before school starts because you want to make sure that when you do submit your application the piece that you submit is something that you are proud of and also you want to make sure that it’s something that reflects who you truly are think about it you’re trying to summarize almost eighteen years of your life in just a few essays so it’s really important that you spend more than just a few minutes on them number four is make multiple drafts it’s inevitable that your first draft of any essay won’t be your final one everyone has to start somewhere so you might as well just get something down on paper and start with a very very rough draft from there you can make subsequent drafts where you constantly improve the essay so you can work towards creating that final piece that you truly are proud of next this one’s an easy one you can ask other people to help you but before you ask a person to edit your essay you want to make sure that you know what you’re asking them for for example sometimes you just want someone to edit the grammar of your paper other times you might want them to edit the punctuation and perhaps the most important one is asking someone to look at the content of your paper and give you feedback on whether or not it actually addresses the prompt and does justice to who you are as a person when you go to ask someone to review your paper based on the content I would suggest going to someone who doesn’t know you very well I say this because if you ask a parent or a very close friend ahead of your paper they might not realize if you’re missing some very important part of your life that could add to the essays value on the other hand if you ask someone who doesn’t know you that well they might tell you if it seems like something is missing and then it’ll be easier for you to fill that in number two might sound a little strange but just bear with me for a minute it’s things small when people start thinking about college essays they think that it has to be that’s a monumental piece about this struggle that you went through in life and overcame and all of the hardships you’ve had along the way but that’s not necessarily true some of the best essays that I’ve ever seen are about really small things in life there’s something very powerful about a very small moment in a person’s life giving them inspiration and ambition far beyond the magnitude of the actual event it’s called a personal essay for a reason and there’s no recipe that can help you make the perfect essay for one of my essays personally which I thought was one of my best I wrote about a very small moment that was very impactful to me I did a research project in Brooklyn New York during my junior year of high school and I actually traveled out to New York City to work on it at one point and while I was there I took the subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn I was surrounded by complete strangers who I’d never seen before in my life I was a bit intimidated and scared by the whole experience but as I began to travel closer and closer to the place where I was doing my research I began to feel a togetherness that the people on the train I thought about the fact that these were the very people that I could be helping with my research and it helped me to realize that I wanted to dedicate my life to performing research projects and helping people around the world so this is just an example of one moment in my life when I was inspired by something that might otherwise go unnoticed and I would advise you to look back at your life and see which moments have inspired you to become the person you are and pursue your life’s ambitions and lastly the arguably most important piece of advice I have for you is be different when it comes down to it these admissions officers are reading hundreds and maybe even thousands of essays every application season don’t get lost in the crowd don’t try to fit in but be different so that you stand out and that admissions officer remembers who you are give them a reason to admit you while you’re writing your essay make sure to experiment with things like structure style and voice and change it up but on that same note I want to caution you don’t try to be someone you’re not just try to be yourself but express it in a very unique way I hope this advice has been helpful to you and I wish you the best of luck in the college application process make sure to reach out to me if you have any other questions and also let me know how this advice worked for you and getting into the colleges that you want to go to if you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe and also share with your friends have a good week and I’ll see you again on Tuesday bye everyone

Kroger Deal $0.97 Gain + NO PAPER COUPONS NEEDED | Broke College Student Come On! 7/14/17

hey friends welcome back so now this may not be the best best video quality but I’m doing a little lunch break couponing I saw this on my friends Instagram page Apple coupons so shout out to you but it is a deal at Kroger’s for some gain of fireworks these are regular price between four and five dollars depending on where you buy them right now Kroger’s has a sale for $3.97 there is a digital coupon for two dollars off one making it 197 but then there’s also a digital event going and there’s also a digital coupon that you can load as well and that digital coupon is one dollars off and you will see it on your Kroger card it says digital savings I’m gonna read it just so you guys know exactly which one to choose it says five times household digital event save $1 on gain fireworks bounce bursts or downy and wash I stuff wish to gain fireworks because I really like these and again the other coupon that you’re going to load is two dollars on UNSTOPABLES and it applies to gain a fireworks as well so I don’t know if you can see that but this is the coupon right here for the two dollars off and then let me show you the five times and that is the five times now there is an additional $1 off coupon for gain or Downey fireworks but you don’t want to load that coupon ok don’t load that one just load the $2 off one and then load the five times so you can only buy one the two dollar off coupon is only going to come off one time it’s not going to apply to if you buy five of them in the same transaction so I just picked up one of them this cost me a 97 cents which is an amazing price so you don’t need any paper coupons all you need is a Kroger account so again if you are a single parent or if you are on a low budget I know when I put these titled as my broke college student videos a lot of you say I’m not a broke college student but I’m a single parent or I’m on a low budget or I can do this with no paper coupons thank you so I just wanted to make sure that you guys can grab this and also if you are not aware every Friday Kroger gives a free item so it is a free Friday download today’s item is going to be Quaker overnight oats I picked these up I have two because my son works at Kroger so I actually did two transactions I got two games in two of these I did one on my account and one on my sense account so just think you got free breakfast one day for maybe tomorrow or you know even if you like to eat these for a snack these are absolutely free you don’t have to pick the free Friday download up today you can load it to your card but it has to be loaded today but you can pick it up any time you go shopping for instance sometimes I let all of my free Friday downloads accumulate until the expiration day and I go get them all at once before that expiration date so again just make sure you load it to your card before midnight and then you can pick it up anytime you go shopping it doesn’t have to be on a Friday but free Friday download just means that you have to download the coupon to your card by Friday so you just have to have the Kroger app and then you go under coupons I always just type free and then it comes up right away and then again the gain 97 cents guys so make sure you stop by Kroger’s and grab this it is a nice deal they smell amazing so if you have friends that don’t use their Kroger app ask them for their phone number tell them to load the coupons so you can go do the deal with their phone number and then maybe you can stock up on these or if you’re going to be donating to a college student or whatever you’re gonna do donate them to someone it’s a great deal 97 cents and I will just show you guys my receipt so that you can see it I paid hopefully you can see that I will hold it there the Sun it’s just really really bad right now but my total was nine it was 97 cents but it was 105 with text so yep I had 8 cents in text so 105 was my total for today so amazing deal I just wanted to share this with you guys thank you so much for watching I hope you have a fabulous Friday I have a couple of more videos they will be posted tonight I am aware of the 20% off I’m for the friends only family and friends only at a Walgreens I don’t have my coupons on me so I can’t go do the deal however I did do the deal but I got it on hubby’s $12 mouthwash which nobody’s going to be interested in this deal but this is the only mouthwash that he uses it’s priced at thirteen dollars and 80 cents I used the 20% off discount and it gave me two dollars and 80 cents off so again this isn’t not something that everybody’s gonna want to do but um if you don’t know about it login to your emails to mine if you have a gmail account mine was under the promotions and you will see Walgreens friends and family 20% off and then you can just click on it and it will tell you to print coupon and when I printed it it print two coupons on one page so I’m assuming you can do it twice so I still have the other coupon and I do plan on doing it when I get off of work right now I just did some lunch break shopping so that is all I have for you guys again I hope you have a fabulous weekend if you don’t check in and watch any videos until Sunday enjoy your Saturday enjoy your Friday and don’t forget to go buy Kroger’s and pick up your 97 cent gain fireworks in your free meal for the free Friday download thank you so much for watching I love you to the moon and back and I will see you in my next video bye [Music]